Registrations are open for the specialist course ond dPCR from 13-15 September 2022 more information and registration details can be found here

New paper by Olivier Tytgat et al.:
Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction for Assessment of Mutant Mitochondrial Carry-over after Nuclear Transfer for In Vitro Fertilization. Read the paper

dMIQE guidelines update 2020 Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Digital PCR Experiments for 2020. Read the guidelines

We are proud to announce our 3 year collaboration with Stilla Technologies. With this collaboration, we will have access to the Naica digital PCR platform to explore novel applications for digital PCR and provide training. Digital PCR is a more elegant and direct method to quantify nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) offering increased precision and accuracy over the classically used quantitative real-time PCR. Since 2011, this technology is becoming cost effective for research and diagnostic applications. At Ghent University, we have a long standing expertise on digital PCR and we have pioneered the use of digital PCR for various applications ( The Naica platform is located in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Department of Morphology).

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