Digital PCR @ Ghent University

About us

The Ghent University Digital PCR Consortium (DIGPCR) combines the complementary expertise from various Ghent University researchers on digital PCR.
We collaborate with internal and external partners on using digital PCR for various applications. As expert users of this technology, we frequently perform trainings on dPCR and give lectures at conferences or workshops.
We are also co-authors on the dMIQE guidelines for transparent reporting of dPCR data.

Our currently used platforms include the Bio-Rad QX100, Bio-Rad QX200 and Stilla Naica platforms. In most cases, our methods are, however, applicable to other dPCR platforms.

Researchers from four research groups are collaborating on digital PCR projects:

HIV Translational Research Unit

Department of Biomolecular Medicine - OncoRNALab


Department of Morphology - De Spiegelaere Lab


The Digital MIQE Guidelines Update

Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Digital PCR Experiments for 2020

Partition volume variability

Reducing bias by modelling partition volume variability

Digital PCR in virology (review)

The future of digital polymerase chain reaction in virology.

Touchdown dPCR for HIV-1

Touchdown digital polymerase chain reaction for quantification of highly conserved sequences in the HIV-1 genome.

Digital PCR as a tool to measure HIV persistence

Digital PCR as a tool to measure HIV persistence

dPCR for QC after in vitro fertilization

comparison of dPCR and sequencing for detecting mitochondrial chimerism

Prostate cancer

Prognostic and therapeutic implications of circulating androgen receptor gene copy number in prostate cancer patients using droplet digital PCR.

Flexible data-analysis using GLMM

Flexible analysis of digital PCR experiments using generalised linear mixed models.

HIV-1 2-LTR quantification

Accurate quantification of episomal HIV-1 2-LTR circles using optimized DNA isolation and droplet digital PCR.

Quality assesment of bisulfite converted DNA by dPCR

Evaluation of bisulfite kits for DNA methylation profiling in terms of DNA fragmentation and DNA recovery using digital PCR.

HIV persistence (review)

Digital PCR as a tool to measure HIV persistence

Quality control

Quality control of digital PCR assays and platforms.

HIV reservoir quantification (review)

Diagnostic utility of droplet digital PCR for HIV reservoir quantification.

Variance components

Impact of variance components on reliability of absolute quantification using digital PCR.

HIV reservoir quantification: qPCR vs dPCR

Comparison of digital PCR platforms and semi-nested qPCR as a tool to determine the size of the HIV reservoir.

Power calculations

Designing experiments with specific statistial power.

dPCR guidelines

The digital MIQE guidelines: Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Digital PCR Experiments.

Partition classification: Umbrella

Model based classification for digital PCR: your Umbrella for rain.

Partition classification: ddpcRquant

ddpcRquant: Threshold determination for single channel droplet digital PCR experiments.

Cell-associated HIV-1 RNA

Comparison of droplet digital PCR and seminested real-time PCR for quantification of cell-associated HIV-1 RNA.



Shiny web application and R code for single channel threshold setting

Mixed models

Shiny web application for GLMM analysis of digital PCR experiments


Shiny web application for digital PCR quality control


Website for primer design


Shiny web application for power calculation of absolute and relative digital PCR quantification experiments


R code for partition classification using Umbrella

Variance Components in dPCR

Mini website to simulate variance components in dPCR experiments

Our Equipment

We currently have access to the following instruments, and welcome the opportunity to evaluate other technologies.

ddPCR QX100 (Bio-Rad)

Two color dPCR detection (FAM & HEX)

Department of Biomolecular Medicine
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

ddPCR QX200 (Bio-Rad)

Two color dPCR detection (FAM & HEX)
Evagreen compatible

HIV Cure Research Center
department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Naica (Stilla Technologies)

Three color digital PCR
Evagreen compatible

department of Morphology
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine